Like many property buyers or investors out there, I am hoping for the property price dip or crash. Would it happen in Singapore?

How do I know if the property prices will drop or rise? 

What is likely to cause property price to drop? Very simple. If economy is not doing well. If there is a major global crisis. If investors all put out from Singapore. If the demand for property is lesser than the supply.

Is this property price drop happening in Singapore today? Yes and no. Yes because there is some market correction due to the cooling measures. Why no? In the long run, Singapore is the one of the preferred country for MNCs to come and invest. The population of Singapore will grow beyond the magical figure of 6.9m. The supply of residential units is likely to be grow slowly than the growth of population. There is lesser land banks and higher compeitition amongst the developers in bidding for land, hence ecalating the property price. With the Sing Dollar remaining strong amongst many others, investors will naturally come and park their funds here and grow along with Singapore's strong fundamentals.

To reiterate this point, Singapore is crowned the most business friendly economy on the face of this planet, yet again, for the 8th time! Why am I not surprised?  Here in Singapore, entrepreneurship is encouraged, infrastructure is there for the business startups. Hence more investors from all over the world flock to Singapore to make this liitle red dot their business headquarters. This is another reason why you must invest in Singapore. And why property prices will be appreciating in the long run. 

Posted on: 31-10-2013
Posted in: GENERAL